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Personal Statement

BSc in Physics.

DBA. (Dissertation title: Music Tourism Management)

Choral and orchestral conductor.

Music Composer, released about 12 choral and orchestral music albums in Polyphonic Acapella and fusion genres.

Music researcher, Author of about 27 books including Partiture books and books in the fields of music and poetry, also 25 Music articles published in journals and official newspapers of R. I. Iran.

Lecturer in Kerman University of Applied Science and Technology in 11 subjects.

Music Instructor in Kerman Shahid Bahonar University and Kerman University of Medical Science.

Manager of Cultural and Art Institute of Nasl_e_Mehr.

Music Instructor in Ershad School of Art and Nasl_e_Mehr Cultural and Art Institute in Kerman with a training approach to instruct students in a wide variety of academic and technical subjects in the field of music.

More than 30 years of experience in the fields of choral and orchestral conducting, music composition, instructing and organizing master classes in R. I. Iran.

Recipient of various accolades in National and international music festivals such as Komos International Choral Composition Competition and Fajr International Music Festival.

Work Experience

  1. Careers in Educational Field

  • Lecturer in following subjects:

  1. Orchestra Conducting Basics
  2. Choral Conducting Basics
  3. Choral Singing
  4. Classical Singing
  5. Ear Training
  6. Solfège
  7. Basics of Music Composition
  8. Basics of Music and Piano
  9. Notation and Music Applications
  10. Creativity in Music
  11. Music and Poetry Connection

  • Music Instructor

More than 25 years’ experience of instructing and teaching music in Shahid Bahonar University, Ershad School of Art, Nasl_e_Mehr Cultural and Art Institute (for kids, teenagers and adults) and instructing for many schools and for blind and partially sighted people (since the age of 16th) and persons with other disabilities also, in following subjects:

  1. Playing Piano
  2. Playing Accordion
  3. Classical Singing
  4. Choral Singing (Polyphonic Acapella)
  5. Solfège
  6. Music Theory
  7. Music and Poetry Connection
  8. Music composing, professional recording, mix & mastering

  • Holder and Lecturer in Workshops and Master classes

Holder and teacher in educational master classes and seminars with an interactive and practical approach to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Holder and teacher in more than fifty seminars and workshops in Cultural and Art Institute of Nasl_e_Mehr in Kerman and various cities in I. R. Iran. Holder and participant in choral singing workshops of Jan Schumacher, Marcus Deterbek and Dr. Shahla Milani and…

  • Workshops for adults and Children:

  1. Educational Workshops for Adults and Children’s Vocal Coaching (coaching for group singing) in Government Offices of Education Ministry and IIDCYA (Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults) in
  2. R. Iran.)

  1. Creative Composition

  1. Music and Poetry Connection

  1. Acapella Group Singing Techniques

  1. Music and Computer (composing, arrangement, mix and mastering)

  1. Beautiful Voice Seminars (Bell Canto techniques in singing)

  • Workshops for kids and teens:

  1. Scream and shame (Music and Performing Arts Creative Workshops)

  1. Creative Music

  1. Workshops of “Music, Games and Performing Arts”

  1. Music and Creative Movements Designing and…

  • Workshops for disabled persons:

workshops for discovering and development of musical abilities

  • Innovative approach to teaching:

Design, develop and create new music teaching /learning structures in three professional levels, for kids and teens, including strategies to totally engage them in learning process with acts, forms and work songs.

  1. Management of Cultural and Art Institute of Nasl_e_Mehr

The owner and manager of Cultural and Art Institute of Nasl_e_Mehr since 1999.

Nasl_e_Mehr Institute undertakes a variety of activities, such as;

  • Production, recording and publishing of music albums.

  • Holding music classes including playing of various musical instruments, singing, choir and..

  • Research on various topics in the fields of music and culture.

  • Holding educational activities such as seminars and workshops.

  • Organization and holding orchestral, choral and innovative musical performances.

  1. Composition

More than 30 years of experience in composition and music arrangement including 12 released music albums, 146 single tracks, film background music and composition for musical theater.

Composed more than 400 Choral polyphonic Acapella songs with lyrics in Persian local dialects and accents, orchestral and fusion styles songs. Cooperation in composition of “Doost” (Friend) piece, with Bob Vogel (Vogel music company), composed the anthem “Setayesh Khoda” for all schools and student in album education ministry of Iran, Composed the opening ceremony song of International Kid’s Book Festival in I. R. Iran. (2004) etc.

  • Released Music Albums:

  1. Maktabkhane
  2. Haftsin
  3. Karava-1(work songs)
  4. Machelos
  5. Haftvaad
  6. Kuche Bazar
  7. Mafshoo
  8. Iranian Tasneefs
  9. Atelak
  10. Ebadat/Instrumental (worship)
  11. Eshgh-e Shireen (The sweet Love)
  12. Hemase Shahnameh (The Epic of Shahnameh)

  • Film background music and musical theater:

  1. Background music of “Kamin Khamoosh”2006
  2. “Pishul Haparuti” Musical Theater 2011
  3. behind the coin 1995

  • Composed and arranged albums ready to be released in 2019_2020:

  1. Vocal Radeef of Persian Music (including 12 parts and 109 tracks)
  2. Karava (part 2 to 7)
  3. Bazi-haye Shad Irani /part 1 and 2 (Persian Games)
  4. Belomboon (traditional foods of Kerman)
  5. Hemase Tall-e Eblis (The Epic of Devil’s Hill)
  6. Hemase O (The Epic of Water)
  7. Parastesh (Instrumental music)

  1. Conducting

Choral and orchestral conducting experience since 1988, for 18 groups;

  1. Mehr-e-Vatan choir group
  2. Machelos choral and orchestral group
  3. Nasl-e-Mehr kids choral and orchestral group
  4. Motive choir group
  5. Atonal choir group
  6. Choral and orchestral groups of Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman
  7. Kerman’s kids choral and orchestral group
  8. Choir group of University of Medical Science in Kerman
  9. Choir group of teachers in Kerman Province
  10. Choir group of Department of Education_ District 2,1 in Kerman
  11. Choral and orchestral group of Kerman Province Music Society
  12. Choir group of Raad Charity Rehabilitation Institute of Disabled Persons
  13. Choral groups of students and teachers in Kerman’s Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults
  14. Mashiz Charity choir group
  15. Mehr choir group
  16. Choir group of Kerman Province (125 persons)
  17. Choir group of Mosques Society in Kerman (270 persons)
  18. Choir group of Imam High school in Kerman

  1. Work experience in Newspapers and Journals

  • Editorial Board Member of Sarmashgh Journal
  • Editor_in_chief in “Shoor_e Bigah” journal of Music center in Shaheed Bahonar University of Kerman (for 2 years)
  • Corporation with editorial board of “Hamshahri” official newspaper in I. R. Iran
  • Editorial Board Member of “Setare Kerman” journal.

  1. Other work experiences

  • Senior advisor in various cultural, art, industrial, tourism and lodging projects since 2004.

  • More than 24 years of experience in judging for Provincial, City and National Music Festivals.

  • Founder of Dialect and Songs Center in Harandi and Ganjalikhan Museums of Kerman. An attempt to preserve the local culture, language, traditions, dialects and accents of Kerman Province.

  • Initiator of the Green Music campaign, an attempt in the field of music to protect the environment, (publishing Electronic Partiture Books).

  • Television/ Radio appearance as music expert on national radio/television channels in I. R. Iran.

  • Member of board of directors in assembly of music centers of universities in I. R. Iran. (2001_2003)

Research Background and Books

  1. Articles

  • Methods, techniques and tools of music management
  • Music tourism economy (12 articles)
  • Practical and educational articles in Collaborative Music Management (3 articles)
  • Music Notes Extraction from Tire Noises (5 articles)
  • Several articles in Popular Culture, Tourism and also articles in the field of music.

  1. Books

  • Partiture Books

  1. Yeshki (Op. 1)

(A Capella choral song from music and culture of east of Iran)

  1. Patte (Op. 2)

(A Capella choral song from music and culture of east of Iran)

  1. Karvonsera (Op. 3)

(A Capella choral song from music and culture of east of Iran)

  1. Pekh-Pekhoo

(Persian Children’s folk songs for Solo playing and singing, Choral singing and Orchestra)

  1. Ashogh

(A Capella choral song from Persian music and culture)

  1. Amava

(A Capella choral song from folk music and culture of Tehran)

  1. Ghowetoo

(A capella choral songs from Persian music and culture)

  1. Voice of Worship
  2. Persian Tasneefs

(Tasneef is a form in traditional Persian music)

  1. Karava (Persian Work Songs)
  2. Translation and arrangement of (“Twenty-Four Italian Songs and Arias”) Audio book

  • Books in the field of music

  1. A Journey in Music
  2. Fonoun-e-Ava-wa-Nava (Musical and phonetic techniques)
  3. Music Management
  4. Music Tourism
  5. Beautiful Voice (Beautiful Singing)
  6. Audio book of Pozzoli 2071
  7. practical and scientifically basics of Nikolay Vaccai singing (1,2,3)

  • Poetry

  1. A Bird means reverence for flying
  2. The kind policeman
  3. Authenticity of feeling
  4. Lyrics collection of music albums

  • Books ready to be published

  1. Pozzoli 2072 (Persian version)
  2. Amava (part 2)
  3. Persian Tasneefs (part 2)
  4. Persian local games partiture books (part 1,2 and 3)
  5. Karava (part2)
  6. Avaye Setayesh

  1. Other research activities:

  • Revive more than 500 obsolete work songs, folk tale style lyrics and Persian local games.
  • More than two decades of study and research about Persian traditions, culture, folk tales, local dialects and accents
  • Study and research on combination of Electronic music and Polyphonic Acapella Choral genre to compose new fusion style and combination of electronic music and Polyphonic Acapella Choral genre for playback by Disc Jockeys (DJs)
  • Study and research on fusion styles including Persian and Classic instruments combination.
  • Study and research on Music Therapy
  • Design and build an electromechanical pianist robot in Education and Research Center of Kerman Province. 1991

Innovative works

Compose new fusion styles, design and direct new styles of music and performing arts combinations performances, considering the centrality of Polyphonic Acapella genre.

  • Actapella: (The Uprising of Shawl Weavers Actapella) Polyphonic Acapella choral singing combination with modern designed and symbolic acts which make the theatrical aspect of this kind of work more than just being so realistic. Polyphonic singing and acts together, narrate the story.

  • Musicum: (Performed in Harandi Garden Museum and Ganjalikhan Bathhouse Museum of Kerman) Walking in the museum, audiences face different types of theatrical performing arts combined with Polyphonic Acapella Choral singing that actually amaze them. Audiences and performers are interacting with each other dynamically.

  • Choir-rock: Combination of Polyphonic Acapella Choral singing with Rock music, which has a new style in its own way due to the melodic formation, rhythm, harmony and combination of Rock instrumentation and accompaniment with polyphonic acapella choral singing from various music ages and using Kermanian accent and local dialect in choral songs.

  • Music Tourism: Innovative styles of music performances, especially Polyphonic Acapella genre, in various historical places in I. R. Iran, closely related to the particular place of performance to express its historical and cultural background and identity.

Live concerts and performances

  • ۲۰۱۱ concerts in Thailand and South Korea
  • Many performances in music festivals such as Fajr international music festival and…
  • Many performances in National events in I. R. Iran.
  • ۲۰۱۵ Choral and orchestral concerts with instruments made by upcycling materials in Kerman. (An attempt with waste management approach to protect the environment)
  • Choral concerts in various cities in I. R. Iran by several groups.
  • Concerts and various performances of the innovative works such as Actapella, Musicum, Choir-Rock and the other innovative works in I. R. Iran.


  1. His compositions have been performed by choral groups of the other countries;

  1. Choir of Catholic Church in London /Religious Modern Music Festival 2018 (“O God My Captain”)
  2. Choral group of “Gilgamesh Art” institute in U. S. A _ Conductor: Hanibal Yousof (“Lullaby”)
  3. International choral group in Turkey (“Karvonsera”)

  1. Awards and nominations in composition, choral singing, kids’ music and choral conducting categories, received by Masoud Nekooei:

  1. Nominated for the best choral composition award in “Komos” international choral composition competition in Italy _2017
  2. Achieved second prize at Fajr international music festival _ 2013
  3. Achieved third prize at Fajr international music festival _ 2011
  4. Best composition award in National Music Festival of Kish in I. R. Iran _ 2018
  5. Best composition award in National Music Festival of Resistance in I. R. Iran _ 2014
  6. Achieved prizes in National festivals for disabled persons (Mehr Ava and Tafreegh Tiregi) _ 2009 and 2010
  7. Achieved first prize in National Razavi Choral Festival _ 2012
  8. Best composition award in National Music Festival of Razavi in I. R. Iran _ 2017

  1. Achieved third prize in Khonyagaran National Music Festival 2011
  2. Best Composition awards in Music Center of IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) _ 2014 and 2016
  3. Achieved second prize in Farhangiyan National Choral Festival (National Choral Festival for Teachers) for two years _ 2017 and 2018 and etc.

  1. Approved and Appreciated by respectable experts;
  • Henri Pompidor (France)
  • Andrea Angelini (Italy)
  • Jan Schumacher (Germany)
  • Markus Deterbek (Germany)
  • Tengiz Shavlokhashvili (Georgia)
  • Mostafa Kamal Pourtorab (Iran)
  • Shahrdad Rohani (Iran)
  • Dariush Pirniakan (Iran)
  • Kambiz Roshanravan (Iran)
  • Mohammad Sarir (Iran)
  • Davood Ganjehei (Iran)
  • Shahla Milani (Iran)
  • Hamid Reza Noorbakhsh (Iran)
  • ..

  1. Invited to international music festivals and competitions of various countries such as South Africa, Russia, Spain, Italy and etc.
مسعود نکویی

The Introduction Of Mehrevatan Vocal Music

Mehrevatan Choir was founded in 1998. It performed many concerts in Bahonar University, in Kerman. Mehrevatan Choir participated four times in the competition ‘Fadjr Music Festival’ in Iran, between 2008 and 2012 and it was one of the best choir in this international festival. It had a performance in 2011 in South Korea International Competition and held a concert in the same year in Thailand.

The repertoire of Mehrevatan Choir contains ancient songs such as : Mafshoo, Lalaei, Leila and Badoh.

The general idea and the main aim of the choir is revive native music of Iran and with special emphasis the songs in Kerman dialect, which is being forgotten. The conductor of Mehrevatan Choir is Masoud Nekooei. He is the manager of the Institute of Music and the author of eleven books of poetry and music; he has also published four choral a cappella music album, until now.


ACappella Music Festival and competition 2018

It would be interesting for choirs and singers to have a different experiences throughout choral and vocal tours around the world. We have made It possible for you, in such an interesting place , ” Iran” , “Kerman”…

Main parts of the event are:


All Choirs and Singers around the world can participate in 4 main categories:

۱٫Choral 2.Vocal Quartet 3.Actappella(with Acts) 4.Solo(For Men)


Groups can select one of Nekooei collection songs from below:

For Adults: CheKhosha, KhodayeNakhoda, Baba Leyli, Patteh ,KargaheKoozegari , Badoh ,Laalaayi

For children: Atelak ,KheshtalBaleshtak , Machelos , Sargorizkoo , Angoshtal , Asia Becharkh

Prizes in competition part

First prize: 2000$(Choir) , 1200$(Vocal Quartet)

Second prize: 1000$(Choir) ,600$(Vocal Quartet)

Third prize: 700$(Choir) , 400$(Vocal Quartet)

۳٫Tourism and Leisure Activities

Kerman is a historical place with many interesting historical , cultural and geographical attractions. Some of these places are : Kaluts(most famous desert in the world), Shahzadeh Garden, Ganjalikhan Grand Bazar (400years), Arg e Bam, Meymand(12000years) and many another places.

We will try make video clip for all choirs and singers in some of these amazing places.

You will experience all these during this event;

Concert and Festival programs, internal transfer during Festival programs (in Kerman) , visit and performance in some historical places, opening and closing ceremony, some special gifts, certificate of participation, video clip of each groups.

Please consider the following notes

  • Please do observe Islamic code of dress

  • Airline tickets, Hotel and Meals are all in participant’s responsibility. (All participates must reserve airline tickets and hotel vouchers)

  • All groups must be arrived in Kerman on 12 September 2017 before 12:00 am.

  • All groups must be arrived in Kerman on 12 September 2017 before 12:00 am.

  • Busses for internal transfer will be organized during Festival time.

  • Entry fees paid by participants are non-returnable.

Conditions of participation and deadlines

Participants should send us following documents

  • Registration form (before29 April 2017)

  • Brief CV of the group and director (before29 April 2017 )

  • ۱۰ minutes video of last concert or live performance (before29 April 2017 )

  • Recent photograph of group with director(before29 April 2017)

  • Entry fee documents(20$ for each participant) (before10 June 2017)

  • Hotel voucher documents(before10 July 2017)

  • Airline tickets documents(before10 July 2017)

Tell: +989133425604 , +983432445356
Naslemehr cultural and arts Institute
Address: Kerman, Iran
۱۰’th 70’th alley JahadBlv.d
Contact us for all information and your questions.
Thank you for your interest

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